Fed and Fit in 21

This is NOT a bikini body guide

THIS IS NOT A DIET BOOK. IF YOU ARE AFTER A DIET BOOK YOU HAVE TAKEN A WRONG TURN. You might want to spin right on around and pop back out the door you came in. This is an introduction to your new lifestyle. A life that doesn’t count calories (I’m all about counting nutrients not calories). It’s a reset. A new set of habits. A kick up the arse. You get me? There is no diet food, just nutrient dense fare that the whole family can eat because ain’t nobody got time for making multiple meals, and who CBF’d?! There is no flogging yourself for an hour in the gym, just 21 workouts all under 21 mins that will give you bang for your buck so you can get back to the very busy life I know you have. That busy life that you have been using as an excuse to not nourish your body well with food & movement. Well those days are over my friend, and shit is about to get epic.

All recipes are whole food based and are 100% free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar.

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